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யார் Avvaiyar (ஔவையார்) ?

Avvaiyar (ஔவையார்) is the most well-known and respected Tamil female poet of all time. Avvaiyar was not just one single person, but there were at least 3 Tamil poets with that name. Avvaiyar's work, Aathichudi is best known even among kids. Her quote, "Known is a drop; Unknown is an ocean" (கற்றது கைமண் அளவு, கல்லாதது உலகளவு) has been exhibited in NASA.

Avvaiyar I: During the last Sangam- 300 BC -contemporary of Kings Adhiyaman and Paari , and poets Kabilar and Thiruvalluvar. Wrote poems in Aha-naanooru, Pura-naanooru.
Avvaiyar II: During 12th century CE Chola period- During Kambar and Ottakoothar's period. Wrote Aathichudi.
Avvaiyar (legendary): During the period of Siththar Agasthiyar. Lord Muruga played the prank "Sutta pazhamaa sudaadha pazhama" with her.

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